Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"We Call Them Pirates" Baby Hat

For a friend's baby shower, I knit up Hello Yarn's We Call Them Pirates Hat.

The details of the process, pattern, yarn, and modifications can be found on my main blog, posted here.

I loved making the hem. It finished the hat off in such a neat & tidy way.

Ganomy Hat (Elizabeth Zimmerman)

Here are a series of pictures showing the Ganomy Hat, by Elizabeth Zimmerman. This was my first Zimmerman pattern, and I found it to be equally satisfying and frustrating.

The photos that you see here were all taken before a good soaking and blocking. The hat actually looks much better now, post-soak and post-block. The yarn really softened up and the rough spots and bumps of the stitches smoothed right out.

You can find the details of the hat, and the process of making it, on my blog posts: here and here (you'll have to scroll down on the second post to find the details of Ganomy).

And now I leave you with the bust of Hemingway, modeling the Ganomy.